$3,200 of our  $1,000,000 goal reached

By purchasing GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT, you’re helping to give a voice to those whose voices have been diminished. Proceeds from your purchase go to helping communities and causes that need our support now more than ever.


If you believe in equality for all, social justice, the protection of immigrants and minorities, supporting women’s health issues, protecting the environment, real facts instead of alternative ones, and that a person should only be judged by the content of their
character, then this is for you.


Love trumps hate!


Thank you for supporting the causes you believe in.


It’s #timetograbback

Time to grab back


All profits made by purchasing your Grabhimbythepussycat are donated to charities supporting the following causes: women’s rights, environmental protection, civil rights and LGBTQ rights.


Each GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT stands 16cm (6.3 inches) tall.



This solar-powered and green-minded little Grabhimbythepussycat strongly believes that man-made climate change is real and that it’s our responsibility to do something about it.

This Grabhimbythepussycat fights for the individual freedom to love, marry, identify as, and be whoever you are. Who I am is not a choice and who I am is ready to grab back!

This empowered Grabhimbythepussycat is a wild feminist whose mission is to liberate women and girls all over the world - this pussy grabs back!

This open-armed and warm-hearted little Grabhimbythepussycat knows that building walls, banning religions and spouting messages of fear against the unknown has never advanced any free society.


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