Here at Time To Grab Back we strive to make a difference while providing a bit of laughter in the process. Have you ever noticed that it is easier to discuss difficult issues under the guise of satire? Not only kids benefit from learning and discussing difficult issues through satire, but adults too. Political satire is seeing a renaissance with the arrival of Trump to the political scene. Late night TV is experiencing a HUGE boost in ratings as a result of this phenomenon; hosts like Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver are able to discuss things through political satire that traditional media outlets can’t. Not only discuss them, but engage people and speak out about issues that make many people uncomfortable. What we find so incredible is that they aren’t using made-up material in their satire, they are in fact responding to current events and proving much-needed perspective on issues that are so important and require our engagement and attention.

Our goal in creating the GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT Trump action figure was exactly this issue of engagement through political satire. The Trump political desktop novelty is funny and scary and ugly at the same time. It should be. That’s the whole point. The actions being taken and the things said by this administration are scary and require our attention and engagement, but satire makes this easier, and BONUS, we know Trump hates to be made fun of. But GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT isn’t just making fun, unfortunately. It isn’t even trying to make light of something that really happened… words that were really spoken by the now President of the United States. And part of this whole project is to make sure that we don’t forget that these words were spoken, that in 2017 we still don’t have equal pay for women, or full coverage for reproductive healthcare for women, or colleges and universities where 1/3 of women aren’t sexually assaulted at least once in their 4 years.

When you purchase a GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT Trump Action Figure, all profits go to charities that support Women’s rights, LGBTQ Rights, Civil Rights, and organizations that fight Climate Change. Sure, you can give to organizations directly, and we absolutely support that, but GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT is a funny and scary reminder of what is currently going on, and we hope it will be a reminder of where we have been and how to get involved to ensure it doesn’t happen again. This isn’t about Democrats versus Republicans, this is about equal protection under the law for the LGBTQ community; equal rights for immigrants, some of who were brought to this country as children and have never shown allegiance to any other country; it’s about empowering women to GRAB BACK; it’s about protecting the environment and making the world a better and safer place than it has been for us… And so much more.

So, go ahead. Get your GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT desktop novelty political satire action figure today. Have fun. Laugh a little. Make a difference. But don’t forget that political satire like this isn’t just about the joke. It has a purpose. Its purpose is to focus our attention on issues that aren’t funny. Its purpose is to keep our eye on the ball. Thank you for your support.

It’s Time to Grab Back!