The Importance of Activism

We are at a time in history where a CHILD can be married away by their parents at 13 years old in Kentucky, and Republicans block a bill in the state legislature to change it. Parents have to worry about sending their children to school for fear of being shot. Children have to worry about being at school for fear of gun violence, and yet again, so far nothing has changed. The LGBTQ community has seen a renewed effort to peel away equal protection and equal treatment under the law. The black community continues to face much higher murder rates than whites at the hands of law enforcement. Women have seen a continued and renewed effort to take away basic health services, equal pay, contraception, and continue to be victims of sexual harassment, assault, and rape. Immigrants and Dreamers face ever greater risk of deportation or unlawful detention, and refugees will no longer find the America they once did, with open arms and ready to help those most in need find their own American Dream. The EPA is in full assault mode on Obama-era regulations, rolling back protections for our environment, air, water, and food-supply. There is a renewed effort afoot to flame the divide and discriminate with growth in hate groups and ever more polarizing rhetoric from the NRA.

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Become A Political Activist

But there is hope! Movements like the Women’s March, #NeverAgain and March for our Lives, Pride events around the world, and Black Lives Matter are gaining traction and making a difference. Organizations like The Trevor Project, ACLU, Human Rights Campaign, Planned Parenthood, Moms Demand Action, Committee to Protect Journalists, and Me Too, NRDC (to name a few) are engaging with youth and making their voices heard. Most importantly, we must remember to stay vigilant and get involved. With the proliferation of Social Media, the news cycle is constantly changing and people are quick to forget and move on. But the above-mentioned issues are all interrelated and must not be overlooked or forgotten. This government is squarely in the pockets of corporations and foreign governments, not in the least interested in working for “We the People”!

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Positive Actions Count

It is easy for activism to get diluted, to lose focus, to move on. Don’t let politicians move on. Don’t let them change the subject. Don’t let them try to steal or diminish your voice. Vote, march, protest peacefully, write letters, call your politicians…

Our goal at TIME TO GRAB BACK is to help keep that focus through satire, and this ugly Trump GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT is our attempt to maintain that focus. Each doll represents an issue including Women's Rights, Climate Change, Civil Rights, and LGBTQ rights. We continuously donate our profits to charities working in these areas. We also stand with Parkland students and admire their drive, their determination, and their commitment to change.

It’s #TimeToGrabBack