Trump Action Figure Solar Powered

GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT was created to bring people together and provide a platform of political satire to give back to causes that are under-appreciated or whose funding is at risk in the current political environment. When you purchase a GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT Trump desktop novelty all profits go to charities supporting the issue you choose.

The four main issues that donations will support are Women’s Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Civil Rights, and Climate Change: The move to defund Planned Parenthood, or remove coverage for women’s health services or contraception, are front and center… The move to ban Transgender service-members from defending the country they love… The pardoning of Sheriff Arpaio who pursued the detention and deportation of individuals on the basis of their appearance, or the much more aggressive stance ICE is taking on deporting individuals and breaking up families who are in the US (ignoring the fact that we are a country of immigrants and refugees), or the glossing over of the Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville and the violent and horrific language that was used… The move by the current EPA to undo rules aimed to protect drinking water and the air we breathe, or pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement… Let’s build bridges not walls!

The idea was born on election night with the help of many beers and tears. Soon after that night five friends created a business called Time to Grab Back, LLC (based in MN) and this novelty figure is our only product.  Over the last several months, the design has been fine-tuned and we settled on a design based on the Japanese Maneki-Neko and Chinese Lucky Cat. Rather than a solar-powered waving arm, the arm moves in a grabbing gesture, hence the name GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT. Standing at 16cm (6.3 inches) the GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT is the perfect novelty item for your office desk, bookshelf, or kitchen counter. Or better yet, buy one for you and one for your friend. The more GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCATs that are out there, the more money raised for charities, and the less likely that Americans will forget the importance and weight of elections. I mean, who doesn’t want a golden-accented solar-powered pussycat that grabs at you as long as a bit of light exists?

The hope is that this product will motivate people to give back, while also getting a comedic trump desk novelty. In fact, it is a sort of political ACTION figure, calling people to action! So, get up and act! If you’ve already been involved, keep resisting and maybe give a bit more and get a GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT Trump action figure to go along with your current efforts. As Michael Moore has been saying, Trump hates to be laughed at, so why not join Michael Moore’s “army of satire” with this Trump lucky cat desktop novelty and help Love Trump Hate!