Trump Collectable For Charity

When you purchase a GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT Trump action figure, you help give a voice to those whose voices have been diminished. Proceeds from your purchase go to helping communities and causes that need our support now more than ever.

GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT was created by 5 friends looking to help make a difference, and is sold through their MN-based company called Time To Grab Back, LLC. Since the 2016 elections, many people have successfully launched movements, charities, and fundraising efforts, trying to resist the current shift in policies taking place in the US. GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT wants to tap into those movements and take it one step further: Why not get a funny Trump desktop novelty while making a difference? Why not make sure that there is a symbol for these movements that people can rally around, and that ensure people won’t forget this time in our political history? Why not respond to the call for action with this political action figure by making a purchase and donation to the causes you support.

GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT comes in four editions; #WomensRights, #LGBTQ Rights, #CivilRights, and #ClimateChange. When you make a purchase of a GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT all profits from that purchase are donated to charities working and supporting efforts within the edition you purchase. If you want to help out charities across all of these issues, then by all means, buy one of each and partake in political satire at its finest.

It was so evident throughout the campaign and early on post-election, that many of the terrible and divisive issues that were discussed were not merely talking points… They were real Trump politics. The treatment of women, the role that women should play in our society, the willingness to cut funding for programs that women desperately need. This was the clearest of motivations behind GRABHIBYTHEPUSSYCAT and was ultimately a play on words that were actually used!

When you see disasters like Hurricane Harvey and the devastation left behind, one common theme seems to have repeated itself: This was a once-in-a-lifetime event. And yet, we seem to be having more and more of those: Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, etc. This administration does not believe that human actions have consequences or play a role in what is going on around the world. We do. We do think human involvement matters and that if we don’t take a stand and change the way we consume, pollute, and treat the earth, severe weather will only become more frequent, further exacerbating problems faced by people everyday.

When you thought things couldn’t get any worse following threats to repeal laws protecting the LGBTQ community, including bathroom laws, equal treatment and protections under the law, and equal marriage rights, a memo has now been signed to bar Transgender individuals from serving in the armed forces and protecting the country they love. This is wrong in every way, and we proudly support the Human Rights Campaign and ACLU, who are actively working to challenge this discriminatory action.

Lastly, Charlottesville was only the latest in a scary and long line of rhetoric coming out of the alt-right, neo-Nazi, white supremacists groups, largely left un-criticized by the current administration. This is unacceptable. This is dangerous. This is 2017!!! Furthermore, this administration endorses policies looking to break up families that have spent most of their lives contributing to this great country. This administration does not shy away from bashing the free press and limiting access to public information. This is why GRABHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT proudly supports ACLU and the Committee to Protect Journalists. Without free speech and a free press, the democracy we all know and is no different than the tyrannical dictatorships of North Korea, Russia, and Turkey.

So now that you know what GRABYHIMBYTHEPUSSYCAT is all about, get your Trump action figure and protect this great country.

It’s Time to Grab Back!